Medical malpractice claims are complicated, especially when they involve misdiagnoses of illnesses and diseases involving the endocrine system. While you place trust in a physician specializing in this area, you also need to take control of your own destiny.At Gillette & Izzo Law Office, we encourage our clients to be their own advocate on a legal team that includes experienced attorneys Josh Gillette and  Janet Izzo. While we gather information from you, investigate your claim and pursue compensation, we also empower you to own both your medical and legal rights.

A Thyroid Or Endocrine Misdiagnosis Can Cause Various Health Problems

The endocrine system is composed of a network of glands producing and releasing hormones that control important body functions. Specifically, it helps the body convert calories into energy that powers cells and organs. The endocrine system influences your heartbeat, bone and tissue growth and fertility.

The smallest problem in the endocrine system or a lack of treatment from a physician can cause hormones to become imbalanced, leading to disorders or diseases that include:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Growth disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction

The complexity of the endocrine system requires a skilled endocrinologist to identify the specific issue, regardless of how small, before it results in a serious, potentially deadly disease. Failure to diagnose your illness or disease properly and provide options for effective treatments limits your choices and impacts your life expectancy.

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