About Us

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Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo take their responsibility seriously and devote all of their resources toward pursuing the best options for your injury claim. They build trust starting with the initial consultation and continue to earn that trust throughout the entire legal process.

Many Upstate New York residents come to Gillette & Izzo Law Office desperate to understand what happened to them. The discovery of a cancer misdiagnosis that limited treatment options or birth injury that left a newborn disabled is an unsettling moment that brings more questions than answers. Simply stated, you want to know why action was not taken sooner and what the future holds for you.

At Gillette & Izzo Law Office in Syracuse, we understand that cases involving your physical health can be overwhelming.

Medical malpractice claims combine legal complexities with emotionally charged issues. Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo help you protect yourself and your loved ones. They answer your questions, educate you on your rights and options, and empower you to play an active role in your case. They want you to be your own advocate in holding a trusted medical professional accountable.