If you are experiencing signs of what you believe to be a heart attack, you need to seek immediate medical care. Whether you schedule an appointment or go directly to the emergency room, you place trust in the doctor examining you. However, misdiagnoses of heart attacks and other illnesses are common in hospitals and ERs.The longer a heart attack goes undiagnosed, the more serious the consequences. Further damage done to the heart may require surgery. You could also suffer a fatal event. Take control of your medical and legal rights with a phone call to Gillette & Izzo Law Office.

A Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Is Surprisingly Common

Many doctors fail to distinguish between the signs of a heart attack in males and females. The possibility for misdiagnosis in women is greater due to the variety of symptoms. Men primarily feel tightness in their chest and experience more typical signs of heart trouble. Women can experience fatigue, stomach pain, shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness, and pain in the arms, back, neck and jaw.

The earlier you are examined, the less likely you are to have a fatal heart attack. However, that examination must be done properly. When your doctor misdiagnoses your heart attack, he or she limits your options for treatment and puts your life at risk.

If you have suffered heart trouble or a heart attack that was misdiagnosed, Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo¬†will spend time with you at your free initial consultation. She will encourage you to be your own advocate and empower you to document all findings as you continue medical treatment following your doctor’s failure to diagnose a heart attack.

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