Young children cannot always tell you what is wrong with them. They have trouble expressing potential medical problems. Of the many skills and qualifications pediatricians should have, one of the most important abilities is communicating with children. Downplaying or ignoring a child’s pleas of illness or pain can result in injuries, permanent disabilities or death.When pediatric errors occur, a child’s future is at stake. Cancer that is misdiagnosed or curvature of the spine that is overlooked can lead to problems that last a lifetime. Extensive medical treatment, rehabilitative therapy or ongoing medical care could be a prominent part of your child’s future.

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The health and well-being of your child come first with New York medical malpractice attorneys Joshue Gillette and Janet Izzo. They combine experience and knowledge of statutes of limitations with compassion and dedication. We’ll spend time with you and your child to get your side of the story.

Joshua Gillette and Janet Izzo team with experienced and industry-respected medical experts who possess the insight necessary to help them build a compelling, fact-based case. While you focus on emotional and physical recovery, they work to hold negligent medical professionals accountable and maximize your compensation.

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