Medical Malpractice Lawyer In Syracuse

Time is of the essence in filing a medical malpractice claim. Patients of private and nonprofit hospitals have two and one-half years from the incident to take legal action. Syracuse has two state-owned hospitals in the city. The victims of malpractice at SUNY Upstate University Hospital or Community General Hospital only have 90 days to […]

New York woman’s death illustrates the danger of medical misdiagnoses

New Yorkers trust doctors to properly diagnose illnesses and conditions when their patients are suffering from negative symptoms. Unfortunately, doctors are human and just as susceptible to making mistakes as people in other professions. Misdiagnoses and other medical errors are all too common in the medical field, to the detriment of patients in every walk […]

New York jury awards $1 million for fatal infection caused by bedsores

When you entrust your loved one to the care of a hospital or nursing home, you rightfully expect that the staff will do all in its power to ensure his or her comfort. The last thing that you may expect is your loved one developing pressure ulcers or bedsores because the staff did not regularly […]

New York has the largest medical negligence payouts

Did you know that payments for medical negligence matters were the most in New York than any other state in the country last year? Moreover, the difference was huge. According to The Washington Post, medical negligence cases totaled approximately $690 million in state damages in 2013. This was almost double the amount of Pennsylvania, which […]

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Brother raises awareness for cerebral palsy, a lifelong diagnosis

Cerebral palsy is a condition that is managed, not cured. The financial impact can last a lifetime. It’s hard to keep a dry eye when reading a story published in TIME about two brothers who walked 40 miles together in just 30 hours. It wasn’t the actual mileage or the hours that makes this story […]

Could medical malpractice be to blame for Joan Rivers’ sudden death?

The sudden death of comedienne Joan Rivers might be linked to medical malpractice. The tragic, untimely death of legendary comedienne and fashion maven Joan Rivers has shocked the nation. Though the investigation into the circumstances that led to her death is ongoing, theories abound as to how the beloved funny woman died following what should […]

Many medical errors caused by medical staff miscommunication

Miscommunication among medical staff may cause many of the preventable medical errors that result in countless deaths or injuries. When being seen at a doctor’s office or hospital, New York patients and their families should be able to trust the staff caring for them. This extends to the way patient information is handed from one […]

Update on Lavern’s Law and the misdiagnosis loophole in New York

Although Lavern’s Law did not pass in 2013, it was reintroduced again during this summer’s legislative session. Lawmakers on both sides worked to get it passed.