Medical malpractice can happen in many hospital procedures

On behalf of Izzo Law Office posted in Hospital Negligence on Thursday, November 6, 2014.

It can be heartbreaking to learn that a loved one has died as a result of a doctor’s negligence. This is grounds for a medical malpractice suit in New York. It is important to file this type of claim quickly following a malpractice situation.

Negligence┬áin the hospital setting can take many forms. For instance, delays and errors in an emergency room during triage or treatment may have fatal consequences. Likewise, a surgeon who doesn’t perform gastric bypass or laparoscopic surgery properly can be deadly; an error during laparoscopic surgery, in particular, can cause a patient to have a deadly or severe infection.

Some patients also experience problems during a da Vinci robotic surgery. The benefit of this type of surgery is that it involves incisions that are minimally invasive, and the patient can expect a recovery that is less painful. However, inadequate surgeon training can lead to perforations and tears in body tissue and arteries, which may lead to death.

Anesthesia and radiology errors can also have dire consequences for patients in New York. If your loved one’s life was taken because a doctor or hospital staff failed to exercise a reasonable degree of care in treating him or her, you may rightfully file a claim, seeking damages that can help to cover your loved one’s burial expenses and even the loss of support. Even though a financial award can’t restore your family member’s life, it can help to address pain and suffering resulting from the medical malpractice incident.