Man allegedly develops infection due to nursing negligence

On behalf of Izzo Law Office posted in Nursing Negligence on Monday, December 1, 2014.

There is always some level of risk when one has surgery. Unfortunately, in cases in which physician or nursing negligence is present, one’s risk of injury or infection quickly increases. In New York, there are legal options for patients who believe that they are victims of nursing negligence.

In July 2010, a man went to the hospital for an elective surgery. Before he could undergo surgery, the surgical area needed to be shaved. He alleges that this was done without his knowledge and while he was under anesthesia. When he awoke following the surgery, he assumed that he had ingrown hair follicles, but, unfortunately, within the next 24 hours the area became swollen. When the patient showed the swelling to his surgeon, he claims that he was advised to ice the affected area.

Over the following several weeks, he had to undergo an emergency operation to remove necrotic tissue from the affected area. During this operation, it was determined that he had gangrene due to an infection. He says that he then had to spend three weeks in a nursing home while he recovered. Infection often occurs as the result of improperly sanitized instruments. It can also occur when a physician, nurse or other medical professional fails to properly wash his or her hands before dealing with a patient.

When infection is not detected and immediately treated, the consequences can be severe for New York patients. Consequences of untreated infections can include the amputation of limbs, blood poisoning or even death. Although this man did not suffer from an amputation or die as a result of the nursing negligence that he allegedly experienced, he did suffer serious injury. For that reason, he has filed a malpractice suit in hopes of holding the medical staff responsible for their allegedly careless actions, while also seeking damages for medical expenses, disability and other related losses.

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