Doctor errors allegedly led to injuries after failed diagnosis

When a person falls ill, the primary course of action is to see a physician. In some cases, a visit to the emergency room may be necessary. Regardless of where or who a person is seen by, a medical professional is expected to perform their duty appropriately to ensure that the health of the patient is maintained. Unfortunately, doctor errors can occur in New York and can lead to the misdiagnosis or even failure to diagnose a serious medical condition.

Although the underlying reasons were not disclosed, a boy was being treated by a urologist in 2009. He had to undergo an ultrasound. The mother claims that the results of that ultrasound were abnormal.

Despite the fact that the boy underwent an ultrasound, kidney failure was never diagnosed. She asserts that her minor son suffered injury as a result of the negligence of the urologists. If the ultrasound had been read correctly, the boy’s injuries may have been prevented.

When medical professionals, whether in New York or elsewhere, fail to properly test, diagnose and/or treat a medical condition — such as kidney disease — it may be appropriate to pursue legal action against them in the form of a medical malpractice lawsuit. A successful claim can hold the parties deemed negligent financially responsible for the harm that occurred as a result of any doctor errors. It may also provide a monetary award for the victim and their family to help offset the financial burden that was created as a result of the doctor’s failure to honor his or her duty of care to the patient.

Source: The Cook County Record, “Mother alleges Children’s Urology Health Partners, doctor failed to diagnose son’s kidney failure“, Annie Cosby, Oct. 24, 2014